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Matricultura© - life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood

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Matricultura assists the regaining of the buried vividness and wants to reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence

Children are deeply connected with vividness.  After a "gentle" birth life is unblocked and flows freely. The life of children is about experiencing life in the inside as well as expressing it in the outside. Needs and feelings, hunger, thirst, impulse for motion, tiredness, love, joy, desire, anger and aggression, are freely announced and spontaneously lived. Provided that the children can live this up, they are cooperative, spontaneous, tolerant, honest and intuitively familiar with vividness. Unfortunately attachment figures, school, education, society and media educate children and adolescents towards functions that they should take over according to the patriarchal-characterized world view. In this process vividness in the human being is oppressed, buried or even fissioned. The oppressed vividness does not disappear, but shows itself in adults as guilt, pain of the soul, shame, lust to kill, hatred, coldness, speeding, destructiveness, desire for the negative, masochism, sadism and fears. These shares are hidden behind socially adapted masks. Masks show as inapproachability, fake amiability, detachment, rationalisation, trivialization, whitewashing, fake concernment, perfection, suffering, fake modesty, lordliness, holiness or pride. The adult identifies more and more with his or her mask. The identification with the mask is attended by emotional and bodily armouring. Because of this armour, the human being looses contact with his or her inner guidance, to his or her inner Mother Earth. That is how we become victims of a bottomless disorientation and fissioning-off. In the social organism of humanity dominate as a consequence of the multiple oppression of vividness fissioning-off forces such as destruction of the environment, abuse, dictatorship, rape, racism, profit greed, grave illnesses, manipulation, rivalry, war, irresponsibility, passivity, inner emptiness, attitude of being the victim, feeling of impotence, depression and addictions of all kinds.  The wheel of destruction and self-destruction runs faster and faster.

Matricultura expects from a "therapy" that it brings people back in touch with their inner vividness, with the own inner guidance. Inner freedom comes into being through the process of the step by step and gentle releasing of the armours on all levels of human existence. This releasing of the armours is the foundation to the reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence, to the regaining of the vividness and the spontaneity. This process of releasing, well the "therapy", the deepening of the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence and health is taking all lifelong for each human being: In the natural belonging to the cosmic rhythms and the cosmic order, not in dependence of a "therapist", a "master" or a theory!

This process leads to the point, where every person can and also wants to take over the full responsibility of his or her feelings and needs in consideration and compassion with the whole, with all other living beings. It is a creative process full of relish that leads to the experience of in-credible freedom and to the experience of unashamed self-responsibility.

Autarca - Centre for CORE Energetics Canary Islands - La Palma

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