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Matricultura© - life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood

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Tasks, objectives and realisation
visual language
core values
reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence
Basic research
patriarchal fission-patterns
Matricultura implemented in real life
Life-Biotope and analytical model
Analysis Autarca 2007-2010 and forecast 2013
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The visual language of Matricultura©

Matricultura's analytical model works with visual language: Schemes, that illustrate the systems to be analysed in their complexity and at the same time show them clearly displayed. On the basis of these schemes insufficiently developed potentials, powerfully integrated and also overloaded areas of life can be examined. 

An example:

Wheel of the patriarchal-characterized world view:
Drifting, incited by the wheel of destruction, latch the people, runs and rotates with it. Who falls off it will be wildly and arbitrarily wheeled around, pushed to the fringe and shaken. The creation of Mother Earth is collapsing because of it. The element fire dominates. The elements earth, water and air are exploited and contaminated; the element energy of life is multiply fissioned.


Decision to build a Life-Biotope:
Step-out-step-in-pioneers break open the wheel of the patriarchal-characterized world view. The more people dare to make this break, the bumpier it must speed - it is slowed down.


Matricultura: life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood:
The core values of Matricultura are on the path towards vividness. The more we focus on this way, the weaker shall become the wheel of destruction.  


The five elements: 
The life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood is structured into the five elements earth, water, fire, air and energy of life and is illustrated. Each element is related to a segment. This is a way to detect how each element is integrated into the Life-Biotope and how the connections and circulations between the elements are converted. 


The snake of metamorphosis and health:
The snake of metamorphosis and health touches the core values of Matricultura that are strongly integrated in the system to be analysed. The more manifold the movement patterns are, the deeper the anchoring of the Life-Biotope in Matricultura. At the beginning of the construction of a Life-Biotope the line of the snake will still have to touch some points of the wheel of destruction, the healthier the Life-Biotope is, the further away is the snake from the wheel and snakes with relish on the surface of a healthier Mother Earth.  

The visual language of Matricultura as PDF-file and printable version

Life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood as PDF-file








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