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Tasks, objectives and realisation
visual language
core values
reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence
Basic research
patriarchal fission-patterns
Matricultura implemented in real life
Life-Biotope and analytical model
Analysis Autarca 2007-2010 and forecast 2013
Picture gallery of the Life-Biotope Autarca
Autarca - Centre for ecological development
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AUTarcaMatricultura - Permaculture Academy
model project for
subsistence economy, Integral Landscape Healing and applied Permaculture

Barbara Graf und Erich Graf
Camino La Ermita 26
ES-38780 Tijarafe 

mail: autarca (at)
phone: (++34) 922 49 02 15
Telegram/Signal: (+34) 634 359 123

How to get there: pdf\direccion.pdf

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