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Matricultura© - life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood

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Matricultura© core values

Matricultura includes: Compassion,
the skill to feel for yourself, the knowledge to think for yourself, the wisdom to act respectfully, the openness to participate with relish, the will to reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence

Elements: The balancing order of the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and life energy is to be honoured, nurtured and preserved.

Cosmic order: The natural order of the cosmic forces of rhythms of the moon, the cycle of the sun, the movements of air and water and the vibrations of the earth are observed in everyday life, accepted, honoured and integrated. 
All decisions concerning the five elements need to be taken accordingly to the principle of consensus. Each of the five elements gets an own voice for this purpose.

Equality: Every being is of the same value. In a balancing order, in cooperation and tolerance, every living being can satisfy her and his needs for love, protection, appreciation, nourishment, health, culture and autonomous sexuality.

Fertilizing each other mutually instead of competition: Every human being has access to all knowledge. There is no competition. People are support and sources of inspiration to each other. They work in groups. Different cognition methods and different grounds of experience complete each other and enrich everyone involved.

Protection: Children should, even if the erotic relation of the parents brakes up, keep all attachment figures. Handicapped and elderly people are fully integrated, appreciated and honoured in everyday life.

Meaning, fulfilment and appreciation: Every woman, every man can do a fulfilling and meaningful work for the whole. Also every woman and every man takes part in planting, seeding, harvesting and providing food and working in the upkeep of life: Tidying, cleaning, nourishing, caring, serving. Each hour of work has the same value. Step-in-pioneers get abundantly appreciation from their kind and from the activated nature. They don't look for appreciation in the patriarchal-characterized systems.

Handling of aggression and personal profoundness: People attack the life-tasks, not an enemy. Every woman and every man trains and deepens continuously the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence. She and he deepens compassion, tolerance, love for oneself and love for the others, culture of communication, the exchange with humans, animals, plants and stones, and practises in the techniques of Integral Environmental Healing, too. Every woman, every man assumes responsibility for personal fears, anger, hatred, envy, contempt. It doesn't count to dispose of a problem by projecting one's feelings and emotions on others. Holistic therapies help the regaining of a human coexistence with each other.

Art and cult: Art grows out of everyday life and integrates into daily life. Every being should be allowed to unfold artistically and to take pleasure in the artistic working of the others.

Economy: In a subsistent economy the exchange of goods and services is carried out by making gifts, exchanging, and by heartily and vivid market life: "Everyone buys, everyone sells!" or with real barter money, this means without interest but with a hoarding fee.

Role models, inspiration and signposts: People guide themselves by the positive. They nourish themselves with reports about people, who with their courage, their creative potential, their desire to participate, their proficiency and their radiance have achieved big changes towards life. Like e.g. Wangari Maathai, Vandava Shiva, Rigoberta Menchú. The people also know about nations, that live in Matriarchies, these are peaceful, holistic social systems. They take these as inspiration and role models. E.g. the women and men from Juchitán, Mexico.

People guide themselves by positive pictures. They create again and again, with desire, joy, beauty and virtuosity permeated visions of a vivid world. 

Principle of consensus, passionate participation: Matricultura distances itself from any dogmatisation and tabooing. To reach a consensus in a group, everyone must have the possibility to voice her or his contradiction against a possible decision. Decisions are taken without dissenting vote.

Life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood as PDF-file


Matriarchal Manifesta

We, the women of the world, who are mothers and have mothers, proclaim the following:

The values we formulate here are maternal values which are the basis of matriarchal societies around the world: caring, nurturing, need-orientation, gift giving, peace keeping, gender-equality, respect for all living beings, holiness of our Mother Earth.

1. Life is precious. Women are precious and must be honoured and respected. Every girl has a right to be educated. Children, animals and plant life are precious. Killing, enslaving, raping, or torturing human beings, and torturing of animals by any individual, community, state, army, society, or country is no longer tolerated. All killing must stop.

2. We oppose all systemic patterns of violence, force, and oppression, replacing them with respect, freedom, safety and love.

3. Mother Earth is precious. Pouring toxic chemicals or radioactive essences in our environment is no longer tolerated. Violators will be required to clean up their mess.

4. The ocean is the womb of all life. Our water is being killed through acidification by CO2, chemical dumps, floating garbage and is now infected with high doses of radioactivity. We demand that our oceans, and the lifeforms which live there, be protected from further pollution and devastation.

5. Beginning immediately, we call upon all nations to remediate their nuclear waste issues and revamp their energy requirements using non-toxic renewable resources, combined with a drastic reduction of energy consumerism. It is urgent that the forests, rivers, and mountains be protected, and the rights of indigenous peoples to their historic lands be respected.

6. Mother Earth shares her resources with us freely. Those of us who have an abundance will begin sharing with those who have less. Consumerism has to be overcome.

7. We value the worth of all physical labour and call on all peoples to give fair pay to all labour and equal pay for equal work. We value all unpaid work, especially that of mothers. We demand a secure subsistence, beyond monetary reward, for everybody.

8. We confirm that it is an offense against humanity and a threat to Mother Earth to interfere with the normal function of the planetary system, be it for civil or military use, i.e. nuclear pollution, geo engineering, and genetic engineering. We especially object to geo engineering to manipulate the natural circulations in the atmosphere (ionosphere) or in the earth’s interior (rotation), which is a risk to the entire biosphere. We demand full public discussion of such projects; not secrecy.

9. We will award the Matriarchal Medal of Appreciation to the individual or group who, on an annual basis, brings the most positive social change to our planet, as chosen by our panel of matriarchs.

10. Culture created by women is precious. We respect the diversity of cultures, especially those of existing matriarchal peoples across the globe. We object to the destruction of their age-old egalitarian societal and cultural patterns, which can give us excellent examples of balanced and intentionally peace building societies. We respect the spiritual heritage which has come to us from past matriarchal cultures and what they teach us about the interconnectedness of all life on earth and in the universe.

Women's allies, all mothers' offspring - men, boys, girls, everyone - are called to join in!







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